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Music in the form of a theatrical performance, from Gaber to Vasco, from Italian to the vernacular



I am particularly happy to have written together with Claudio Tombini this tribute to Giorgio Gaber, an "ordinary Italian" who has spanned forty years of our history in a continuous interpenetration between pieces of public and private life.

Ironic, rough, histrionic, over the years it has been defined in many ways, but any label is insufficient to summarize its personality. Friends and supporters affectionately called him Mr. G.

Alternating with extraordinary intensity music and monologues, Gaber has taught us a lot by fighting between life and neurosis, between well-being and discouragement, singing the illogical cheerfulness and the "right to live in the present". Stripping the obstacles of consistency and the roughness of honesty he was an intellectual without a chair.

On this evening songs and monologues taken from the countless shows that the duo Gaber - Luporini has created in over thirty years of activity, mercilessly flogging power and bourgeoisie, left and right, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful. All still current, still valid, still true.


Claudio Tombini - voice and acting

Riccardo Marongiu - guitars

Fa finta di essere G_1.jpg
photo by Luciano Serafini


written by Riccardo Marongiu


I'm alone on stage, with my guitars, classical and electric, and a piano.

I play my unpublished and unreleased compositions and known songs, the ones I like.

I recite literary passages from my book "LO DICO QUI", a collection of poems and short stories on the subject of man's madness. A few words without taking oneself seriously, just to tell about oneself, to have my say.


Riccardo Marongiu - guitars and acting

Coro pop CMP.jpg

Pop Choir of the CMP


written by Riccardo Marongiu


I wrote a concert in theatrical form which, through music and gesture, presents and renews a part of the folkloristic tradition of the Marche region, and in particular that of the interior of the Pesaro province. The material of the show is composite: one part by adapting the texts taken from the book "La volpe rissa el pel" by Maria Bartolomeoli, another I wrote today using traditional musical techniques and texts.

The show was the central event of the traditional review of " Cantamaggio " in

Morro d'Alba, in the 2017 edition.



Silvana Berti - voice

Leonardo Betti - voice

Rubens Biagioli - voice

Anna Bianchi - voice

Andrea Gattoni - voice

Rita Rondolini - voice

Sabrina Rovere - voice

Alessandra Seravalli - voice

Francesco Soriani - voice

Fabio Tomassini - voice


Graziella Della Costanza - guitar

Riccardo Marongiu - mandolin

Andrea Vincenzetti - accordion

Roberto Bacchiani - voiceover




I assembled this Recital, held in 2016 at the Prefecture of Pesaro, on the occasion of the Christmas greetings to the city of the Prefect of Pesaro, dedicated to three great Italian authors, Lucio Dalla, Francesco Guccini, Vasco Rossi, who in their artistic path have told in their songs life, love, death, with a production rich in absolute masterpieces. All three were born and raised between Modena and Bologna, claiming diversity in both literary and musical approaches. They belong to the so-called “Emilian school”.

I arranged the songs in an "ancient" way, with Renaissance and Celtic sounds, performed by an acoustic instrument set enriched by the presence of modern instruments such as the electric guitar, for an original and contrasting melange of sound.

Author of the show Dalla Guccini Rossi held in 2016 at the Prefecture of Pesaro, on the occasion of the Christmas greetings to the city by the Prefect of Pesaro, and of the Recital Viva l'Italia , held in 2016 in the same Prefecture on the occasion of the anniversary of the Unification of Italy.


Concept and artistic direction: Riccardo Marongiu.

Vocal coaching: Susanna Polzoni.

Arrangements: Riccardo Marongiu, Enzo Vecchiarelli.

Voices: Susanna Polzoni, Matteo Infante, Emily Romani, Arianna Zarri.

Pop Choir of the Pantano Music Center.


Antonella Pierucci harp, cromorno.

Maurizio Mainardi Baroque flutes.

Massimiliano Poderi violin.

Enzo Vecchiarelli lute, swing guitar, classical guitar.

Riccardo Marongiu mandolin, Irish bouzuki, electric guitar.

Salone Metaurense.jpg



Recital of songs by Francesco De Gregori held on 17 March 2016 at the Prefecture of Pesaro, on the occasion of the "National Day of Unity, the Constitution, the anthem and the flag", in memory of the proclamation of the Unification of Italy Turin, March 17, 1861.


Riccardo Marongiu artistic direction, direction, musician

Paolo Pagnini ideation

Susanna Polzoni vocal trainer

Simone Nobili musician



Giancarlo Del Vecchio, Carlo Simonari, Alessia Angelini, Lucrezia Tornari, Benedetta Pentucci, Maria Cantilena,

Gabriele Sansò, Andrea Gattoni, Alessia Angelini, Susanna Polzoni, Sergio Castellani, Clarissa Vichi, Gabriele Sansò, Choir of the Pantano Music Center, Davide Pagnini.

Pop Choir of the Pantano Music Center.


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