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Musica per l'Anima

A series of vibrational - musical events dedicated to the human Mystery and the power of Music, whose common thread is the magic of sounds.

It is my way of activating communication and contributing to the rising awareness for a new vision.

Soundcheck in a beatiful location - 2021 - photo by Nino Finauri

In the last two years I have dedicated myself to deepening my art in close connection with the anthropological turning point that is asking us to create a future new human community.


I let myself be inspired by the sounds of earth and sky, by the whispering of the language of angels, atoms and the matter of which life and dreams, souls and stars are made.

Kind of Music - Music for the Soul is intended for all those who feel the desire for growth and inner peace. I am certain that, through states of consciousness induced by live music that predispose body and mind to abandonment, it is possible to contact that inner place that contains our true essence, our closeness with the Divinity.

I have frequented the world of sounds since childhood, with that extraordinary power of transformation and rebalancing, and I am always amazed by its beneficial effects on all living beings. In this regard, I told a very special anecdote in my Music Blog .


Kind of Music - Music for the Soul

it has a modular structure based on ancient and consolidated sound, shamanic, meditative and expressive practices, which I have customized and updated. Elements such as trance dance, purifying sounds, guided meditations, sacred singing and more, are routinely used in the world of holistic practitioners, but my intent is not to dissociate these elements from the immense spiritual power of live music, especially for that. which concerns the practice of improvisation, here understood not only in a virtuoso sense, but as a constant channeling of the musical flow.


The source of inspiration always remains in the domain of the Soul, from which a dynamic relationship arises between the environmental experience and the emotional qualities of the participants, evoking transcendental experiences.


During the performances I use musical instruments belonging to my collection, collected in half the world: from percussion to classical and electric guitars, from bamboo flute to kalimba, from electronic sounds to looper.


The Kind of Music series - Music for the Soul is divided into workshops with a common lineup but with dedicated themes such as:

Slow down, Open to the unknown, Support intensity, Trust in the Sacred, Let go, Roots, the smile of the Goddess, Dissolve the limit, Presence, Healing, the inner Master.


Listening to the big beech - 2020 - photo by Cindy B

Music for the soul is an interest that I have discovered and consciously practiced since the early 90s, which then flowed into the composition of music for well-being and inner growth - published in various albums - and with the creation of a series of meditations drive.

With the band “Codice Nuovo” my deep passion for expressive and therapeutic holistic sound developed. Together we made three album and held dozens of concerts throughout the country, often in holistic centers, such as the participation in the national Trance Dance event in Varazze organized by the Osho Meditation Center.


Currently my meditative and wellness music is used at the Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth Inc. based in Orlando - Florida - USA.






Riccardo Marongiu Music - YouTube


To get to know me more


For an overview of my artistic activity visit the YouTube channels:


Riccardo Marongiu Artist

Riccardo Marongiu Meditation Music

I am available to bring my Sound Journey to your location, with agreements to be perfected together.

Each meeting is dedicated to groups of people ranging from a minimum of ten to a maximum of twenty-five.

No special preparation is required to participate.

For further information

Or by calling 347 7420288.

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