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Viva l' Italia

music, lyrics and direction  Riccardo Marongiu
  Paolo Pagnini

Francesco De Gregori is one of the most important songwriters of the Italian music scene.

In his songs musically various sounds meet, from rock to songwriting, with sometimes references to popular music, while in the lyrics there is a wide use of synaesthesia and metaphor, often of not immediate interpretation, with passages of intimate, literary-poetic and ethical-political inspiration, in which references to current events and history find space.

In his long career he has published several works, with public and critical success.

The Recital "Viva l'Italia" with songs by Francesco De Gregori was held on March 17, 2016 at the Prefecture of Pesaro, on the occasion of the "National Day of Unity, of the Constitution, of the Anthem and of the Flag", in memory of the proclamation of the Unification of Italy in Turin, on March 17, 1861.

A replica was held on April 18 at the Sanzio theater in Urbino, as part of a review organized by the University of Urbvino - Carlo Bo.


R iccardo Marongiu - artistic direction, direction, musician

Paolo Pagnini - concept

Susanna Polzoni - vocal coaching

Simone Nobili - guitars


Giancarlo Del Vecchio, Carlo Simonari, Alessia Angelini, Lucrezia Tornari, Benedetta Pentucci, Maria Cantilena, Gabriele Sansò, Andrea Gattoni, Alessia Angelini, Susanna Polzoni, Sergio Castellani, Clarissa Vichi, Gabriele Sansò, Choir of the Pantano Music Center, Davide Pagnini.

Pop Choir of the Pantano Music Center.

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