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from my heart to yours

Since 2020 I have dedicated myself to deepening my art in close connection with the anthropological turning point that is asking us to create a new human community.

This search in 2021 pushed me towards una new frontier, from which it was born

"NOW - from my heart to yours"


music for the soul, developed precisely to seek a new path:

a series of multimedia products with therapeutic sounds for personal and collective well-being.

They are on my YouTube channelseven titles:

Click on the title for the channel link.:

     -Essence of Love

     -Gratitude First


     -Rock water

     -The Gift of the Eagle


     -Wave Magic

Meditations are available for free but if you want to support my work and my art here's how:

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​“NOW - from my heart to yours” is a series of multimedia products for personal and collective well-being.


Music and meditative images designed to lead the heart and soul to those little-frequented territories that nevertheless attract us; in those dimensions of being clouded by the fog of everyday life. Their use is neither superficial nor immediate: they are therapeutic sonorities.


The synergy between Inspiration and Realization contributes to the construction of the songs as well as in the duality of our fractal holographic universe.


Inspiration is the shamanic dimension that presents itself through a natural flow that spontaneously flows from distant shores. It is something instinctive, a dream, a vision. It is the perception of the connection to the world of Being, to the primal source of life. Without asking questions.


The Realization is based on the knowledge of Western and non-European musical systems, on the practice of music for well-being and personal growth and on the use of therapeutic frequencies applied to the transformative capacities of our organism.


The music in this series comes from the experience of live performance. Here the sound of acoustic, electro-acoustic and synthetic instruments allows the play of notes to spring from the living and vibrant soul. The tradition of playing as a sacred act, an extra-temporal and extra-individual rite, guides us towards the profound meaning of Music: the acoustic dimension of the Spirit.


I shot the images myself, collected in the sumptuous beauty of Nature, even at the cost of some technical imperfections.


Stop, look and listen without thinking…

without speaking…

without doing anything…

that's enough to reap the benefits of these little healing caskets.

​​​Music for the soul is an interest that I discovered in the early 90s with the composition of music for well-being and inner growth published in various albums, and the realization of a series of guided meditations.

Part of the old production is visible on the YouTube channel

Riccardo Marongiu Meditation Music

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