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ROP Rossini Overture Pop

On the occasion of the Rossini celebrations for the 150th anniversary of his death, I orchestrated and conducted an updated version of William Tell's overtures, the Italian in Algiers and the Barber of Seville.


The concert was held in Piazza del Popolo in Pesaro, Saturday 10 March 2019 with the participation of over 150 musicians from all backgrounds (rock, pop, fusion, jazz, classical etc.)


Curated by Pesaro Village Pesaro Città Palcoscenico

from an idea of Paolo Pagnini

artistic coordination Riccardo Marongiu

Pesaro City of Music

The video of the event is visible on YouTube at this link :

​​ Rossini Overture Pop BAND

Marialaura Mangani   flute

Jean Gambini          sax

Gigi Faggi             trumpet keyboards

Ilaria Mignoni          violin

Jacopo Mariotti        cello

Matteo Sanchioni      guitar

Simone Giannotti       low

Samuele Barilari       battery

Riccardo Marongiu     direction

band of Candelara - conductor

Colbordo band - conductor Edoardo Javier Maffei

Colombarone band - conductor


Service Crew SWANSOUND

Enzo Geminiani

Michele Viola

Francesco Nistri

Matteo Tintori

Video Crew


Francesco Agostini


Alex Cavuoto

Mattia Tonucci

Giovanni Giardina

Giovanni Farina

Marco Bonci

Lorenzo Vichi

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