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concept, music and direction  Riccardo Marongiu
texts   Fabrizio Bartolucci - Caudio Tombini

Show dedicated to the Beat Generation, an artistic, poetic and literary movement that developed from the second post-war period to the end of the 1950s in the United States.


No one would have expected that it would change life so radically, the very way of making poetry,

the collective consciousness of the time. The long wave, however, arrives and flows into the sixties, where its authors take up and amplify the themes of the youth protest of their time.

Two actors on stage recite selected passages by writers and poets belonging to the movement.

Jazz music, celebrated and loved by the members of the movement, cannot be missing on stage.

"We must go and not stop until we arrive"

"Where do we go?"
"I don't know, but we have to go"

                                             (J. Kerouac)

Fabrizio Bartolucci - attore
Claudio Tombini - attore
Jean Gambini - sax
Massimiliano Rocchetta - piano
Ludovico Carmenati - contrabbasso
Ivan Gambini - batteria
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