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Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'intrate

concept and music by  Riccardo Marongiu
directed by Claudio Tombini

Undoubtedly Hell, the first of the three canticles of which the Divine Comedy is composed, fascinates and attracts more, much more, than the remaining two: it is a particular Hell: many read Dante, here Claudio Tombini is among the few to recite it.

An intense, exciting, now moving, now chilling Divine Comedy, because Dante's words are accompanied by a face, a gesture, a body, a breath, a rattle, a plea, an aggressive scream. It is not a question of a reading, but of a true actor's interpretation, which does not want to and cannot be detached from the terrible nature of the pit.


That inspired Ulysses, that Ugolino snapping his jaw, the poet's dismay, the solemn firmness of his duke, the torments of the damned ...

All commented and underlined by the sounds of dozens of percussion and non-percussion musical instruments, played by me.

Here a video of the show with the salient images

Selected readings of the first part which is called Inferno, of the Comedia by Dante Alleghieri di Fiorenza, in which it deals with the penalties and punishments of vices and of the merits and prizes of the virtues.

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