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i Racconti di Sherazade

concept and music  Riccardo Marongiu

The atmosphere is that of the book the Thousand and One Nights, with its extraordinary stories, poised between the mythical and the magical.

We are in the East of the sultans and palace intrigues, of the genii of the lamp and of the suspicious and ill-advised viziers.

The East of prodigious mysteries, with bewitching charm, exotic music, belly dancers, daggers, poisons, conspiracies, deceptions. In the background the desert, the palm groves, the cities with minarets, the chaotic markets, the spices, the rich carpets, the muezzin who screams prayers, the rich jewels.

A reading of the most famous stories, with belly dance and partly original music partly of my composition.

​​ CAST :

Angela Mezzolani - dancer

Valentina Giglio - dancer

Claudio Tombini - narrator

Ilaria Mignoni - violin

Piero Valbruzzi - flute

Moreno Marongiu - percussion

Nicola Leonzio - percussion

Riccardo Marongiu - guitar, mandolin



Angela Mezzolani, Valentina Giglio

Direction, staging, musical direction:

Riccardo Marongiu


edition represented on 2 August 2013 in the review "Di versi ... Di Note ..."

Music and poetry at the "Fonte dei Poeti" - Sant'Angelo in Lizzola (PU)

artistic director Riccardo Marongiu




The show in Sant'Angelo in Lizzola

Balkan Six - from "The Tales of Sherazade"

Darigh Nur - from "Tales of Sherazade"

Balkan One - from "The Tales of Sherazade"

Sweet Amulet trailer

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