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Gioachino e il Medioevo

concept and direction  Riccardo Marongiu
music chosen by   Enzo Vecchiarelli

From the Sacred to the Profane ...

from Serio to Faceto ...

from medieval buffoons to funny Rossini ...

A show of medieval and partly pre-Renaissance music: Cantiones latinae on profane texts, some of which are taken from the Carmina Burana; Laudi and tablature from the lute; lively dances such as Saltarello, Rotta, Trotto; Narrative songs and Celtic songs of the ancient European medieval tradition.

Songs that generate a journey in the courts, in the churchyards, in the villages and in the countryside. During this journey the typical music of each environment emerges.

And, moreover, with a series of funny numbers taken from the repertoire of Gioachino Rossini, the great Maestro from Pesaro, we want to demonstrate the continuation of a tradition, the evolution of the species, the parallelism between two eras, and always irony, laughter as a way to rejoice the heart, to forget the sadness and anguish that all grip us.

The music is combined with the interpretation of texts by medieval authors such as Dante, Jacopone da Todi, Cecco Angiolieri, San Francesco d'Assisi, Giacomino da Verona, etc ...

The musicians, who perform in costume, favor this particular repertoire  the use of ancient instruments such as medieval flutes, battente guitar, viella, bowed psaltery and percussion.

link to the video of the show


Musicaparole group

Claudio Tombini - acting
Susanna Pusineri - singing. Celtic harp

Graziella Della Costanza - singing, psalter, percussion
Maurizio Mainardi - ancient flutes

Massimiliano Poderi - viella, arched psalter

Enzo Vecchiarelli - singing and guitars: swing and classical

Riccardo Marongiu - percussion


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