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concept  Claudio Tombini, Riccardo  Marongiu
direction  Claudio Tombini

Show on the life of Frida Kahlo the rebel, the ocultadora, the ironic passionate of art, a symbol of the avant-garde and artistic exuberance of Mexican culture of the twentieth century, considered a forerunner of the movement



A starting point for various film subjects, she was the first Hispanic woman portrayed on a US postage stamp.

Her paintings, mirror of the biographical story, blend art with contemporary history, reflecting the socio-cultural transformations that flowed into the Revolution and subsequent to it.

A tribute to this great woman and artist, in theatrical and scenic form, with  traditional Mexican music.


Cast :

Jessica Tonelli - actress

Erendira Diaz - vocals, guitar, percussion

Riccardo Marongiu - guitar, bass, percussion

Claudio Tombini - direction

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