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Far finta di essere G.

concept, music, lyrics and direction 
Ckaudio Tombini - Riccardo Marongiu

I am particularly happy to have written together with Claudio Tombini this homage to Giorgio Gaber, an "ordinary Italian" who has gone through forty years of our history in a continuous interpenetration between pieces of public and private life.

Ironic, rough, histrionic, over the years it has been defined in many ways, but any label is insufficient to summarize its personality.


Friends and supporters affectionately referred to him as Mr G.

Alternating music and monologues with extraordinary intensity, Gaber taught us a lot fighting between life and neurosis, between well-being and discouragement, singing the illogical joy and the "right to live in the present", exposing the obstacles of coherence and the roughness of 'honesty was an intellectual without a professorship.

Claudio and I interpret the songs and monologues taken from the countless shows that the duo Gaber - Luporini has created in over thirty years of activity, mercilessly whipping power and bourgeoisie, right and left, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful.

All still current, still valid, still true.

Claudio Tombini - voice and acting

Riccardo Marongiu - guitars

A beautiful photographic reportage by Luciano Serafini is visible online, from which many of the photos on the side are taken

Claudio Tombini - voce e recitazione

Riccardo Marongiu - chitarre

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