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Dalla Guccini Rossi

concept, music, lyrics and direction  Riccardo Marongiu

The Recital was held in 2016 at the Prefecture of Pesaro, on the occasion of the Christmas greetings to the city of the Prefect, dedicated to three great Italian authors:

Lucio Dalla, Francesco Guccini, Vasco Rossi,

who in their artistic journey have told about life, love, death, with a production rich in absolute masterpieces.


All three born and raised between Modena and Bologna, claim diversity in both literary and musical approaches.

They belong to the so-called “Emilian school”.

I arranged the songs in an "ancient" way, with Renaissance and Celtic sounds, performed by an acoustic instrumentation enriched by the presence of modern instruments such as the electric guitar, for an unprecedented and contrasting melange of sounds.




Riccardo Marongiu - ideation and artistic direction

Susanna Polzoni - vocal coaching

Riccardo Marongiu, Enzo Vecchiarelli - arrangements



Susanna Polzoni, Matteo Infante, Emily Romani, Arianna Zarri.

Pop Choir of the Pantano Music Center


Antonella Pierucci - harp, cromorno.

Maurizio Mainardi - Baroque flutes.

Massimiliano Poderi - violin.

Enzo Vecchiarelli - lute, swing guitar, classical guitar.

Riccardo Marongiu - mandolin, Irish bouzuki, electric guitar.

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