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As der Rebbe witz

concept, music, lyrics and direction  Riccardo Marongiu

I wrote this show to be performed on February 27 - Memorial Day - highlighting a particular aspect of Jewish culture: the WITZ, the Jewish story, the typical expression of the so-called Jewish humor of a strongly self-deprecating nature in a variety of topics and situations. .

In other cultures, a literary form analogous to that of the Jewish story does not exist, precisely because it is rare to find an equally systematic use of self-irony elsewhere. The Witz deals with the stereotypes that the average anti-Semite has created over the centuries.

The Jewish story is also a teaching, but it does not want to reveal anything: it starts from nonsense and ends there, only to suggest, evoke, make people think.

The Jewish story is also a lament: the Jew quarrels with God, reproaches him, but it also happens that he consoles him, and that he sings him, and it is a way to play down and find the strength to go forward even in the hardest situations, such as explains the writer Daria Godorisky: Judaism loves to laugh at itself without taboos, because there is nothing saint but God; and even with him we discuss, argue, cavalier and laugh, in fact.

The ZEMER ATIK group plays music from the traditional-popular repertoire of Eastern Europe and beyond (Balkan, Klezmer, Yddish, Israeli, Russian, ...) with suggestive and lively musical and linguistic sounds.



Giulia Bellucci - narrator

Claudio Tombini - narrator


Susanna Polzoni - voice, violin, percussion

Manuela Marinacci - accordion, percussion

Riccardo Marongiu - mandolin, bouzuki, guitar, percussion

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