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Amore che vieni Amore che vai

concept, music, direction  Riccardo Marongiu
film script  Fabrizio Bartolucci

The poetry of love over the centuries

A free journey into the most intense sentiment of man, through some of the most beautiful love poems.

From classical Latin poetry to contemporary Italian poetry following the 'pleasure of the text', between music and emotion.

A space-time journey that combines ancient and present Through the verses of Catullus, Martial, Ovid and Virgil, and the poems of eminent lyricists of our time: Luzi, Pasolini, Morante Giudici, Bertolucci, Sanguineti, Conte, to reach Patrizia Valduga , and Alda Merini, including a tribute to the great expressive talent of a songwriter like Fabrizio De Andrè.

Reciting voices:

Marina Bragadin,

Fabrizio Bartolucci

"HamFunktzer Trio":

Cristina Flenghi - flute

Ilaria De Maximy - oboe

Margherita Scafidi - harp

Artistic Direction / Direction

Riccardo Marongiu

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